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Thursday, February 12, 2009

fashion friday for v-day

Ok, ok. I know I said I'm happy just to give my bebes love for Vday, but this is fantasy.
Here's what I wish was going to be waiting for them on Saturday morning as they eat their heart-shaped pancakes.

For Miss Glory.
a tutu to start

a hat to top it all off...

some sweet purple kicks,

... and that's right - if her dad would let me, I'd pierce those cutey ears.

For my big man:
have to represent the fam

for tumbling & breakdance practice

& his dreambed.

... & because even little boys need to feel fierce.

Lastly - in fantasy land. A little something for baby tres.

ok, ok... I'm really done now.
Just a little fantasy shirt for me to wear on our vday date.

Happy Valentines, y'all!


Leigh said...

Love everything! Those booties for Glory are adorable and I want them for MG, they totally match one of her fashion friday outfits today!
and I adore the little tie onesies, makes me want a boy pretty badly.
AND that shirt for you, almost makes me want to get pregnant just for the cute clothes, ALMOST.

kellybollman said...

yeah, fashion fridays are still one of my favorite things. i love thinking, "ooo, ahhh"

kalle said...

A) you love tutus:) B) i love the shirt, let's get that. where is it from?

Candice of 'The Beautiful Mess' said...

okay okay...enough cuteness and Kalle need to get me out there to photograph your bebes!

for real!!!

Nick said...

How did my underwear get on here!!!?? What the crap!