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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

suggestions, please.

I'm a planner, this fact is unavoidable.
(Interesting blog on that later this week)

So, as much as I'd love to be able to complete my lifelong goal of pushing a baby out naturally, my babes come via c-section & in all honestly, that is a planner's dream. (Or a planner's husband's nightmare) I get to plan literally every detail weeks or months in advance - inane, dumb things and big, important things. I get to write my "baby introduction" blog with the date already written. I have the advantage of packing my bag at the exact right time, and I even get to plan my kid's meals while I'm in the hospital.

Thankfully, while I'm a psycho-planner - I'm also semi ok going with the flow. I know you probably don't believe me, but it's true. The truth is, I just hate stress - so if something I hyper planned isn't going the way I planned it, I am totally fine just mixing it up to avoid stress. Example: this past weekend I spent about three hours making fondant for Kalle's shower, but when I couldn't get it on the cookies in the perfect way, I gave up and threw it away left it in Kelly's fridge, sorry Kel. This also annoyed the poop out of Kalle.

So one dumb thing I get to plan is what kind of music Nick and I listen to during our c-section. And trust me, you NEED to listen to music during that thing. The first twenty minutes is all funky noises that have everything to do with my guts and nothing to do with a baby. My past two babies & their adjoining c-sections have had VERY redolent musical memories. I can't hear Glen Hansard singing the words "raise your hopeful voice" without thinking about Glory's first cry & I love that "fix you" by Coldplay is one of Nick's favorite songs because we were listening to it as Elias graced us with his presence.

So, what should Tres be born to? I'm open to all suggestions.

The best part of being a planner who changes plans in the moment:
If you suggest things that make me cringe while
I'm being cut open, I'll quickly tell Nick "next".


Amy said...

When you said that you hoped he came out 10 lbs, I was pretty sure that you were having another c-section. When you've had one 'the other way', you hope for a tiny little thing :) And, don't be discouraged for a moment about not having them naturally... after doing it, I totally wouldn't mind a c-section!!! Pushing and pushing and pushing is so incredibly tiring. And I don't even want to think about the pain that's associated! I'd love to just lay there and wait on my babe instead of working so hard and then being pooped as I'm meeting the babe :) Not that c-sections aren't tiring... I have no idea really. It's just a though...

Amy said...

And as far as a song, have you heard Godspeed by the Dixie Chicks? I'm not a DC fan but this song... beautiful!

Amy said...

And the song is for little boys...


Lauren said...

let's get down to business:

keren ann--not going anywhere
rosie thomas--all my life
any of the pride and prejudice soundtrack
balmorhea--san solomon
bon iver--re:stacks [fave lyric: 'your love will be, safe with me']

will send you whatever you'd like, darling friend.

Jennie said...

Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

No. Really.

kalle said...

jessi, i was only annoyed bc i didn't want all that time you put in to go to waste.
music choices-what about that "he is jealous for me... oh how he loves us" song. you know the one i'm talking about right? you had that guys worship cd before anyone knew who he was. i love that song. i want it to be playing at my c section:)

Risa said...

fernando ortega "if you were mine"
(i also love his "give me Jesus")

joey ryan "loving you"

ray lamontagne "you are the best thing" & "let it be me"

sarah mclachlan "ordinary miracle"

Milovy said...

My vote is
"Hoppipolla" by Sigur Ros
(look it up on iTunes - I promise you will recognize it the minute you hear it as it's been in tons of commercials and movies and is quite moving)
"He Loves Us" by JohnMark McMillian
(Kalle that is the song you referred to with the "jealous for me" line)

N. Toft said...

I would have said the Once soundtrack, but it looks like you been there did that. I'm gonna say Carola--she does hymns in Swedish and it's just so pretty and worshipful. I walked down the aisle to 'Blott en Dag' but that whole cd is great.

Jennie said...

ohhh I change mine to is a delight.

Amy said...

I thought of another. Alison Krauss' rendition of Baby Mine. Awe.

Amy said...

Unless it makes you think about that terribly sad scene in Dumbo. Then totally ex that one.