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Monday, May 4, 2009

for your viewing pleasure

Quick prefaces:

- Elias & Glory have been passyfree for a week! Praise God! Apparently, without their passy addictions being fed, they've taken up new vices. Elias' is - you guessed it, coffee. Here is he is with a starbucks ornament, faithfully sipping.

- This one is Gloriana saying her new favorite phrase "Alright!" The kids say it all the time, as soon as we reach a destination in the car, when we give them treats after dinner, or just whenever they plain feel like it. Hearing Glor say it is the best though, since she has a little trouble with her r's. Love that Glor.


Leigh said...

can the 14th just hurry up and get here! cannot wait to spend time with your family.

michelle said...

eli just watched these videos with me, and immediately asks "where's myyy jessi?!" which still sounds a little like "dra-shee", really. the common inquiries of "where's hers live?" "eyi-yis come play wit me, mum?" tend to follow.

it's REALLY just too adorable.

wight people said...

Watch it Michelle, we're not quite ready to send them to you yet! ;) But you are the luckiest.

And Jess, for real? Shut up. and then shut up again. Love those kids.

Candice said...

Love those kids!

michelle said...

hahaha, talk to my elias, he's the territorial one ;)
but thanks for being willing to share the connollys with us east coasters. we know you guys are totally getting the short end of the stick...