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Sunday, May 3, 2009


I think if we're honest, all moms tend to project at least a little bit on their kids. 
Either, "I've got a soccer player in here!"
Or, "I really honestly think he'll be interested in science -
 you should see the way he stares at his space system crib mobile!"
Heck, I've already decided both of my kids favorite colors. (Orange & Purple, respectively) 

So I've projected on both my kids in utero and on both accounts, I've been totally wrong. 
Elias: When Ebug was in my belly and even his first few weeks out, I was positive that he was a studious, serious, bookworm. He just had this old man face & wise ol' eyes. Look at this face - you think he could write a dissertation for a fun afternoon. 

Now while he is smart, he's much more wily than anything else. He's got a sense of humor like no other, he likes to be a goofball, & books are just now starting to interest him. For like a second. This is much more typical E: 

Now, for my Glorygirl - since I had one cuddly, sweetheart... I pictured a girly version of Elias - just really feminine. I thought she'd want to just cuddle and paint nails all day. Imagine my surprise to find that while she does have a strong desire to wear beads to church, a fun afternoon consists of ripping the pages out of books rather than pedicures
Homegirl can hold her own in cagefight, & she is definitely more feisty than flirty. 
MUCH to her Daddy's liking. 
Here's a typical Glor in action: 

But while I still can, I'm going to do some Tres projecting. 
(Oops, I almost just said his name. I can't wait to tell everyone!) 

So, here's my prediction. I think he'll be something like this: 

Yeah, I said it. I think he's going to be a big baby Vince Vaughn coming out of my womb. I told Nick today every time I picture him, I picture Vince Vaughn getting handed to me with waxy vernix on his face & giving me a good nuggie on the head. I think he has the body of my Papa Powell - with octopus length arms & legs and strong desire to make everyone laugh. Dark skin & hair and a little bit of a practical jokester. 

So, I suppose we'll see. 
The truth is - he'll probably be another Nick-Connolly-clone, but 
I've got 23 days to project falsely. 


Nick said...

If Vince Vaughn comes out of you..we have way bigger problems...That is all I am saying.

Amy said...

Nick's comment made me laugh. Out loud.

Lauren said...

This is too much.

Well played, Jess. This killed me.

Leigh said...

This was awesome.

wight people said...

there is NO ONE I love more than Vince Vaughn! LLLLLOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE him! I always knew I loved Tres, but now I know we will truly be best friends.