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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the polar bear

(I am not lying - I'm sitting in Starbucks laughing by myself as I prepare to write this.)

So, I'll get back to Christmas Tradition blogging sometime later this week, but this blog is dedicated to a new Christmas memory we made & hopefully will not make again.

Nick and I are sometimes a little uptight when it comes to our kids schedules - well, maybe I'm just uptight. Either way, I'm pretty wary of doing things past seven o'clock because my kids turn into crazy monsters - or at least I think they will, they really would probably would be fine.

So since we're doing up Advent big on Sundays, we decided to make a big fun trip out of this past Sunday night and keep the kids up late for this event in downtown Bellevue called Snowflake Lane. I've heard awesome things about it and it's basically just a beautiful Christmas parade with fake snow falling, live drums, dancing, and princesses! Yay!

So we stay up late, meet The Sings for a chichen/fry dinner (what my kids call McDonalds) and bundle up to head outside for the parade. About thirty seconds in, I'm in heaven. The kids are in heaven. They don't care that it's past their bedtime, they don't care that they're in their pj's - they are literally on CLOUD NINE.

I told Nick I can't imagine being happier because Glory is as happy as she possibly can be, dancing to this incredibly loud music and Elias is over the moon with the falling snow that he's been just dying to see. Even Benja loved the drums.

And then it happens.
This guy comes up and tries to dance with my Glor.

But she sees this.

And, well to be honest - I think she took a swing at him.
But then she is
(literally screaming louder than when she broke her arm and trying to physically hurt the polar bear because he scared her so much)
Elias feels defensive for her, so the snow is no longer making him happy, he wants to actually take that polar bear out.

We finally get Glory calm enough to go see the beautiful snow princess and as Annie and I watch on, I see the unthinkable happen! The deadly polar bear follows after the princess and then she sees him again! Hysterics Times Two! Now, we have to go.

So, I wasn't laughing when this happened, I just felt terrible. The greatest few minutes of their lives had turned into sheer terror, so yeah, I felt bad.

But that night, as I was falling asleep & cuddling with my husband, he whispered,
"Do you think we should get Glory a polar bear for Christmas?".
And I haven't stopped laughing yet.


Leigh said...

oh no poor Glory.

And I hope she did take a swing at the polar bear, just because I can see that feisty girl in her pink cast ready to rumble.

And why does that not at all surprise me that Nick said that. Yall are hilarious.

Demi Eliese said...

I had to read this twice, because the pics you posted and the whole story are FRIGGGIN HALARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I'll probably read it again later. Poor Glor-but she made a great story!

Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

i love that Elias is so protective of her. that's just precious.

Marilee said...

Seriously?! So funny. And I should have guessed this for Glor because there is nothing in the world right now that Silas loves more than - that's right, the polor bear dancing at snowflake lane!!! Whenever we talked about how it was Silas' Birthday he said it was the bears birthday too. And when we asked how old silas was he would say yi-yi two, bear two! He always wants to dance and pretends the bear is with him.

No wonder Glor and Si fight and hate on each other like it's their job! haha!

michelle said...

hilarious. just plain hilarious. not for glor, of course, but for me :)

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Oh my goodness! I can't imagine the fear in poor lil Glory but oh my goodness, how funny! So glad she's going to have a and older brother... and younger brother who is bigger than her (hehe) to protect her!

Wes hasn't had a fear like this yet, but I have a friend with a son Wes' age and she has to call Chick-Fil-A before they go there to make sure the "Cow" (this one: isn't there.... because he scares the poor dude to death :(

But can he dance? said...

oh my gosh. 1. poor glory 2. i almost fell off the couch because i was laughing so hard. 3. nick is hilarious and i miss you guys incredibly.