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Thursday, May 16, 2013

make it cute.

Hello, loves! I have a quick little businessy tip and trick that I'm excited to share today. 
Something we encourage gals with in The Influence Network is to have multiple streams of income/ministry/business - essentially, have a few different things going on online. I absolutely subscribe to this belief and I love having my hands in a few different things and projects on the world wide web. 

There's always a line to draw where you're not doing all the things, but you are participating in the endeavors that are life giving to you. For me, not everything I do online makes money - but it is all life giving. And when I find that it no longer is or I cant' sustain it - I usually faze it out. Anyhow, today's tip is for all ladies, whether you have a lot going on online or offline or WHEREVER. 

I don't have all day to sit on my laptop and I know you don't either. I decided I needed a little inspiration to keep me going when I sat down - to help me think through and pray for all the things I have my hand in, but also make me smile. 

So I made this little cutey!
I'm going to walk you around it clockwise.
A little virtual walk through my online things, if you will. 

It starts in the top lefthand corner with a scripture I'm praying over my online ministry. 2 Corinthians 10: 13-15. I literally just took a screenshot from Next, the naptime diaries logo - reminding me to stay on my blogging schedule + keep handling the creative direction of the shop. Beneath that you'll find a SUPER SECRET first glance at our new Influence Network branding. Shhh.... Don't tell anyone I showed you. Below that, SheReadsTruth - a great reminder to finish up my research/writing for our most recent plan. Under that - the Gospel Community logo to remind me to pray for our church plant. To the right of that, the eBook cover for the eBook I'm finishing up with Hayley this month! The flowers just remind me of feminine goodness and look super inspiring. The shoes get me pumped about running and The Mama Shred and the picture of the bridge in Charleston gets my little heart thumping for our future city and the people within it. 

So there you have it! A fun, fresh, inspiring desktop background. 
And if it looks pretty, it will help you keep it clean, which will help your computer not crash. I genuinely think my husband would rather see our bedroom untidy than my desktop all cluttered. This helps me help him! 

What's inspiring you these days? 

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