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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whole ladies + first Mama Shred update

Woosh. I guess it was a really good idea to blog through this "get in shape - physically and spiritually" process. Because tonight, all the voices in my head are saying QUIT but the blog schedule is saying UPDATE AND KEEP GOING. And so I shall. 

Last time I shared about the Whole Ladies endeavor, I was hopeful and I have to say - I'm truly still so hopeful. Tired, but hopeful! I was just about to start the MamaShred, an online personal training program with Bobbi of NHerShoes and I knew I didn't want to look back on this season and only see days filled with yucky heart issues of how I look. 

Let me give a practical update about how actually losing weight is going, then I'll get to the heart stuff. 

So, the MamaShred program is AMAZING. The meal plans, workouts, accountability are all seriously A plus plus. I'm pretty confident I couldn't be doing this on my own. I KNOW I wouldn't be working out if it wasn't for our group accountability and cheering one another on. 

I've only lost four pounds, but I know that is a solid doctor recommended pace for weight loss. AND my nursing supply has been great throughout the process because my diet is so much cleaner + more balanced. I'm a little discouraged because it would be great to see some biggest loser type weigh-ins, but in general - I feel so much better. A few weeks ago, I couldn't run more than 4 or 5 minutes and this past weekend, I was able to run 6 miles. I'm able to workout and make it through Bobbi's amazing strength workouts and I'm just starting to feel more whole body-wise. About once a day, I'll stop and realize - I don't feel crazy fit or in shape, but I don't feel like I'm still in that damaged post-partum shape. And for that, I'm super grateful. 

I haven't done any re-measuring since the beginning of the MamaShred, but I look forward to doing that on my next update. My goals for this next segment are to continue to clean up my diet, make it through a heavy week or two of social events while still eating clean, and GET IN MY WORKOUTS. At least 5, preferably 6 per week. 

From a heart perspective.
The patience that is needed in this process is so helpful. It keeps me constantly confessing what is really wrong with my heart. I want to be seen as beautiful. I want to be seen. Jessi wants to be seen. When I'm thinking right, in the purest place I can get, I know that I know that I want Jesus to be the only thing seen in me. I know that the fruit that is found when I'm walking with Him is greater than any size I could be, any perfectly made-up face, or fresh hairstyle. Is it amazing to be healthy and fit and feel good, yes? Is it amazing to have to remember what is actually the ONLY good thing about me while I go through that process? YES. 

When we started Whole Ladies, I kept saying over and over again - I feel so fragmented. I feel like I don't relate to my body. I am so relieved to say, I feel less that way every day. This body is becoming more comfortable and more familiar every day. And I am grateful for how the Lord is strengthening it. 

How about y'all?  What's going on with you?
Food? Eating? Exercise? Heart? 
I'd love to chat! Next update coming in two weeks!

If you're wanting to participate in the MamaShred, Bobbi is opening up the next cycle with a few more spots! It will start next Monday and you can sign up here. Please tweet me or Bobbi if you have any questions. I will tell you, the first round of ladies has SO enjoyed it and I know you'd love it too! 

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