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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Is it seriously already Sunday again?

So - no, I know it's actually Saturday night but it's almost Sunday. Last Sunday is the last full day I really remember feeling like I was alive. Let me give you a brief update of our lives since my last post.

When Elias finally quit throwing up and Glory was back in bed, Nick and I sat back against our pillows and sighed with relief. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my cell phone light up and I immediately started laughing - with two girls 40 weeks pregnant, I knew our night was nowhere near over. Sure enough, Mickaela's water had broken.

The next forty-eight hours are blurry. I know I got the virus in diarrhea form, Glory got it in throw up form, Lauren got it in throw-up form, & Debi (who runs our ministry) got it in diarrhea form. Mickaela spent 28 hours in labor and eventually had an emergency c-section. (Her sweet baby girl is beautiful)

Our kids have cried & whined for countless hours and between the two of us - we've gotten barely any sleep. There were some sweet moments - Anaya Grace is beautiful & Mickaela is adjusting really well. Marilee made us so many great dairy-free delights that I've been munching on for days. I had some sweet Jesus time at small group. Kalle and I got to hang out for two days in a row, and we haven't for weeks. Also - I got to some awesome phone conversations this week. One HOUR convo with my sis, a good talk with Merry & and a nice update with Luh Hood.

Sooooo... a summary of the week:
- Our ministry here is hard, but so good. Especially when babies are born.
- I am now a germaphobic freak. Watch out for me & my Lysol can.
- I officially miss Charlotte/family intensely. Officially. Intensely.
- My mom was right, when it comes to kids: "One is none & two is twenty." And I'm adding on to that phrase - "When you all get a virus - you want to slit your wrists." Oh wait, that doesn't rhyme.
- Lastly, I'm really glad blogger is letting you write blogs & post them in the future because when I do have time to write, I always want to write like three at a time and then I don't have time for a while.

(ps - here is beautiful Anaya. Look for more new pics under Our pictures Link)


InthemiddleofLIFE said...

She looks like Mickaela, and I pray she will have her selfless heart.
I miss: Starbucks with you, reading with Elias, watching Nick cook and talking theology, snuggling with Glory, Hi-Lows at the dinner table with the misfits, knowing that The mtn is out there.
I am counting down for: Starbucks with you and Katie, sunrise on the beach with all the grands, back porch talk, kitchen table talk, sofa talk, watching Nick cook and he, Gibson and Josh talking theology, snuggling with Glory AND Abel while ya'll sneak out to a late-night movie. Ohhhh, I am counting down.

Milovy said...

Going to get on my "green" soapbox - Lysol is very toxic and highly flamable and is terrible for the air quality, especially if someone has sinus issues.

There are some great cheap non-toxic products out there - some by Clorox!

KatieEWalters said...

hey I love you. i cant say that enough. when I texted you the other night I was in walmarts parking lot waiting for josh in tears cause it just came the love for u and wanting to see your sweet face. u an inspiration to a mom who is barely parenting right now and doing more relaxing than should be legal. I love you and will battle for you in prayer as your earning way more than the sunday coming up!