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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

5 things I love

Since I have a little lady crush on the designer Promise Tangeman
I thought I'd follow suit today. 
1. That Michelle Duggar is pregnant with her 19th baby.

Say what you want to say, but that lady is a great mama. 

2. Our Capri Blue Volcano candle that Candice & Daniel bought us from Anthropologie
If you've never smelt this candle, go to your local Anthro and buy it PRONTO. We bought The Lannings one a few years ago when I worked there and I promise you, it is the scent that makes a house a home. 

3. Thinking about decorating Elias' new bedroom/our playroom for super cheap. 
You may have read this post about the bedding that we eventually decided on and I'm still going to go with it. Even though I think an octopus theme would be suuuuper cute. 

4. Elias' expanding vocabulary, which thus means Glory's expanding vocabulary. 
Some new things: 
"Waffles fall!" (for when he drops his breakfast plate on purpose)
"Baby's crying - I'll hold him!"
"Kachow!" (true lightning mcqueen style)

5. The dropping temperature. 
62 on Sunday, yes please. 

Ok, yours? 



loved these 5 things. i wish our temperature in Az would drop to that number. we are at 110 degrees. YIKES!!

katy :) said...

i so thought of you...

happy tuesday!

michelle said...

1. two napping children
2. vegetables growing in my garden
3. being able to keep up with my house when it's clean and organized- so it might even stay that way for a couple days
4. getting rid of unnecessary stuff, and having a big old yard sale to sell it all!
5. the new curtain rods and grommetted curtains i just scored for a bargain (after two and a half years- window treatments in my living room!!)

(and feeling really really REALLY blessed today)

staci said...

did you decide on option c for bedding??

kellybollman said...

well my friend, I think this just might have to be a blog post for me to do tomorrow... since I'm averaging one a month!