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Thursday, November 5, 2009

kid crazy

This is just a tidbit about my nutty kiddos. PLEASE, please laugh as hard as I do at them.

#1. We have a potty predicament. Some of you may remember the potty training attempt I made with Elias back in February. Seriously, totally successful but I ended up quitting and going back to diapers because running him up and down the stairs made me have major contractions when I was pregnant with Benj.


I was inspired by a friend to let my kids start trying the potty again, even though I felt very little pressure for them to be potty trained yet. Imagine my surprise when within like two seconds Glory pees on the potty! WHAT?! The rest of that day, she kept saying, "Mommy! peepee!" or "Mommy! Poopoo!" and I'd pull out the potty and she'd just go. No frills. No drama. Just going potty. When she finishes she asks for a treat like it's not big deal.

So, three days later and um.... she hasn't had a wet or poopy diaper since. She thinks she's potty trained! Who is she?! Before you start thinking I'm bragging or showing off, I'll equal it out for you: Everytime Glory goes potty, Elias tries too. Not once in three days. Oops, I should've ran with it in February. (don't worry we give him treats too)

#2. My kids are learning about creation right now. Super sweet.
So something I say a few times a day is:
"Tell me about all the things God made!!!!"
(and Elias has a strict routine of his list)
how do I even go on to adam & eve when God created waffles?

#3. Another thing we're working on is middle names.
Elias is really sweet on his sister and we've often heard him call her "gooeyana"
and lately he's been telling us "gooeyana is eloise!". To help him understand, we started explaining middle names so I've been hearing this a lot:
"Daddy Powell Connnnolllllllolll"
"Mommy is Powell?"
and "I'm a connolllolll boy!"
(ebug's middle name is Powell)

and now, just some silly pictures.


staci said...

that pic of benj is so sweet & fun!!

Annie said...

I can't believe that little Glory! How exciting that she gets the potty thing.

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Idk if you read about our potty training woes... but once I quit worrying and stressing - it just happened. Easier said than done though, i know. It's hard not to get a bit stressed/annoyed when your washing poop out of buzz lightyear tighty whities in the toilet. I just dry heaved thinking about that. Congrats with Glory going potty like a Queen and good luck with those boys! I'm starting to think that the old 'boys are harder to train' adadge is totally spot on.

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Eek, I wrote your when I meant you're in my comment. That's one of my pet peeves, so I had to correct myself :)

Anonymous said...

lol! My kids are 14 months apart, my youngest potty trained first at 2 all on her own, my son took a whole year later and he is older. Kids :)

My child asked me why is Jesus name Amen?

michelle said...

the only thing i can say with conviction about potty training is let them do it themselves. if they are motivated, they'll do it. easy peasy. if YOU are motivated? well, then it's usually a struggle. and when we obsess, it makes it harder for them. at least that's what i've seen in my mommy circles :)

[case in point: my elias trained himself in about 2 weeks. he just wanted to and was ready...]

glory girl- you are a little blessing to your mom, peeing in the potty :) just think! two kids peeing in the potty and only ONE in diapers! sound like heaven, right?!